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Previous Examples of Utility Work Shown Above

       Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. offers Mechanical & Process Piping and Electrical Services of all sizes. Whenever a machine is moved or a new one comes in the utlities have to be disconnected then reconnected or redesigned.  

       Our Plumbing Department has the capabilites to thread up to 6" pipe as well we can roll groove Victaulic pipe up to 12" diameter.    

       Our Electrical Department has licensed electricians that can install a new switch gear or run service to new machines.  TPM can also offer you with PLC programming and control wiring.  

       We will provide you with a project manager that will work directly with you to coordinate your project.  We also stock a supply of new and used transformers along with other electrical and plumbing supplies for emergency situations and less downtime for our customers.

Plumbing Equipment:

(2) Ridgid 300 Pipe Threading Machines
(1) Ridgid 1224 Pipe Threading Machine
Hydraulic Conduit Benders up to 4"
Hydraulic knockout sets up to 6"

Plumbing Trucks with all neccasary tools and equipment.


Electrical Equipment:

Wire Lablers
5 Boom Lifts
6 Scissor Lifts
Wire Pullers up to 8,000 lbs
Conduit Benders from 1/2' TO 4" EMI, IMC, and Rigid
Gang Boxes with all the necessary electrical needs