Rigging & Machinery Moving

       Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. Personnel have over 100 years combined experience in the Machinery Moving and Rigging Industry.  We have forklifts ranging from 2,000 lbs. capacity to 80,000 lbs. capacity.  In addition we have 160 ton Gantry System with travelers to lift the most difficult picks.  One of our most unique pieces of rigging equipment would be the Traksporter which is featured below. Our team members of the Rigging and Moving Crew work in a safety first and professional manner. When dealing with us you can always expect the highest quality of service.  

       Our Traksporter is a unique piece of rigging equipment that makes machinery moving a safer task for not only our personnel but also your expensive pieces of equipment.  When using the traksporter the operator has complete control of the object being moved at all times.  This allows us to direct the object being moved safely and efficiently.  The Traksporter can fit objects in tight areas because it eliminates the space forklifts would need to maneuver.  Let us get your rigging job done better and faster than the competitors.

Rigging Semi's and Trailer's Include:

Mack CHU613
Mack CL713 Semi
Mack CHN613 Semi
Trail King Double-Drop 

        Detachable 55 Ton Trailer

Kaylan-Seibert 53 Ton Sliding

        Axle Tilt-Bed Trailer

Rigging Equipment List Includes:

(1) 60/80 Versalift w/ Hydraulic Boom
(3) 40/60 Versalift w/ Hydraulic Boom
(1) 25/35 Versalift w/ Hydraulic Boom
(2) Taylor 40-30 Forklifts w/ Boom
(1) Taylor 300 Forklift w/ Boom
(1) 160 Ton Gantry System 
(2) Traksporter System
(10) Linkbelt Crane ATC 822
(1) Broderson IC 20 Carry Deck Crane
(1) 40,000 lb. Taylor Forklift
(1) 24,000 lb. Silent Hoist Forklift
(1) 20,000 lb. Cat. Forklift
(3) 15,000 lb. Cat Forklifts
(1) Komatsu 15,000 lb. Forklift
(3) 13,500 lb. Cat Forklifts
(1) 12,000 lb. Cat Forklifts
(4) 10,000 lb. Cat Forklift
(2) 6,000 lb. Cat Forklift
(6) 5,000 lb. Cat Forklifts
(2) 3,000 lb. Forklifts
(1) 2,000 lb. Forklift
(2) JLG 45' Articulating Boomlifts
(1) JLG 30' Articulating Boomlift
(4) JLG 26' Scissor Lift
(1) JLG 19' Scissor Lift
(1) JLG Toucan 33' Boom Lift
(2) JLG Toucan 18' Boom Lift
(1) Caterpillar TH63 Telehandler
Spreader Bars
Specialized Carts & Dollies


Equipment List

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We also build specialized rigging accessories such as Booms, Spreader Bars and Specialized Carts.

We routinely move pieces of machinery such as: Injection Molding Machines, Die Spot Presses, Break Presses, Punch Presses, CNC Machinery, Tanks, Extruders, Shears, Cookers, Mixers