Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. is a family owned business that developed in 1992 in a small 3,000 sq. ft building built by Mark and Paul Thomas.  We started out repairing and rebuilding used plastic process equipment for resell.  Since being incorporated in 1994, we have grown into a business that has the capabilities from machinery moving and rigging to designing and building custom machinery.  We are now situated on a 4.75 acre complex with a 16,000 sq. ft. shop that houses all the necessary tools and equipment for any industrial or mechanical need, as well as 100,000+ sq ft. of warehouse space for inventory we stock to better serve our customers in a fast and convenient way.  Over the years, we have developed a good relationship and reputation with all of our customers and it is our mission to always be available for their need, regardless of what they may be.  Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. provides services for a combined total of about 150 companies ranging from local, national and international.  Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. has unlimited potential to continue to grow its customer base with excellent quality and service.  As you look around our site please notice the variety of industrial services that Thomas Plastic Machinery, Inc. offers.